Keen Clean London – see your windows clean again!

Not every of us have the possibility to deal all the time with home cleaning. We are just too busy to focus on the dirty windows or so, as well to worry about their bad condition. We have many other things to do like work, kids etc., as the cleanliness of our home left behind…… Read More »

Locked door? There is nothing to worry about!

Sometimes, we just have no choice. We are frustrated to do something that we do not want to deal with. Like to go to work every day, or to clean our home once a week, or even more often… But since we are obligated to perform the tasks of the list for the day, we… Read More »

Clean your home as never before and call Cleaner Cleaner London!

Not everyone of us love to clean. But we have to. Cause’ every home must be maintained daily, as this includes cleaning and putting in order the rooms we have in our apartment/house. If we ignore that significant part of our daily round, take the risk not to feel both harmony and coziness while living… Read More »

Fast end of tenancy cleaning – why is so important?

At some point, each of us has been facing the end of tenancy cleaning that is mandatory when moving out. When this happens and when we have a long list of tasks to deal with, to clean is the last thing in importance. We are so taken with the luggage packing and with the other… Read More »

Emergency plumbing services for every home

Plumbing services are probably one the most sought after by people. You may need such services for many reasons: a problem with the tap faucet, damaged siphon, leaking washing machine etc. In some cases, the problem is so great that your home is about to be flooded. You must very quickly find a good solution… Read More »

Same day cleaning in London

Clean home without cleaning – that is what everybody wants! But is it possible to have a tidy and shining from purity apartment/house without making any effort? Most people spend long hours cleaning and that is something usual for them, something that is unchanging part of every weekend! To clean is boring, tiring and annoying…… Read More »

Cheap end of tenancy cleaning

At some point, we have to move out and to start living in a new home. This event is related with many mixed emotions, as the best part of this period are the new opportunities in front of us – new home, new luck… Have a “clean” beginning both in a literal and figurative sense… Read More »