Effective and deep cleaning of the kitchen – what are the steps

By | 10/10/2020

Have you been neglecting your kitchen for a while? Is it in need of a deep cleaning? This is very normal because cleaning a kitchen from top to bottom is a very tedious task that everybody avoids until the last minute. It’s overwhelming to think about all the appliances, the built- up dirt and the amount of time and effort it’s going to take to clean it so it’s as good as new- it almost seems impossible. However, with a little determination, spare time and the right plan to follow you will find that it’s not so bad after all.

The right maintenance

modern kitchen

Getting your kitchen cleaned by a professional company no doubt will save you the effort and time but the kitchen cleaning near me London is a very expensive service that you might not be able to afford at the moment. Another pro for doing this yourself is that you don’t need to trust anybody else and you see exactly how well everything is cleaned. If you live with somebody who also uses the kitchen in the house tell them to join in, roll up those sleeves and get cleaning.

Start with:

  • Choosing the right chemicals;
  • Cleaning the tools and putting on some music to make the cleaning more enjoyable;
  • Tackle your appliances first as they are the most time – consuming part of the kitchen. We are talking about the fridge (which you need to unplug from the previous day to defrost), oven, stove, microwave, toaster/grill, dishwasher;
  • Spray all spots and stains with degreaser and proper cleaning chemicals and let that sit for 5-10 minutes;
  • Once you are done scrub everything thoroughly on the inside and out then wipe down and check for remaining stubborn spots;
  • Repeat the process if necessary.

Believe it or not you are more than halfway done after you have finished with your appliances. Tackle your countertops and cabinets next. These places will likely be very dusty and will have food stains and spills inside. Spray the countertops with antibacterial detergent, scrub it and wipe it down. The cabinets you just need to wipe down the dust and stains with wood or universal cleaner. Clean on top and under where it’s possible and also the handles. Visit https://www.guild-of-master-sweeps.co.uk/ and learn how to clean as easily as possible.

What is left

dining room

All that is left is to vacuum or sweep the floors. If you have tiles you can do either one but use the vacuum on any rugs, carpets and upholstery. After, bring your mop and use a proper cleaner- it can be antibacterial, wood, universal or tile according to the kind of floors you have. Wipe down your windows and shutters and open them for fresh air. Dust and polish the light fixtures, tidy the dining space and you are done!

If you needed a guide on how to clean your kitchen with no compromise then hopefully you found it here. Everything else you need is in you- motivation, time and ability.