Why you must renew your NEXUS family package?

By | 28/07/2017

If you live with your family in Canada or in the U.S. and very often travel to the next country for a holiday, business or for some other reason, maybe you are using the NEXUS program? This way of traveling is good that is also famous among the Canadian and American citizens as the best opportunity for everyone to cross the border!

For all the traveling people who have families, small kids and many friends who just like them would like to find the best way to move faster, the NEXUS cards are like the light in the tunnel when the long lines are even endless and don’t seem to end soon! In this situation, we have two options: to get angry, or to use our NEXUS card… What you are going to choose? – To wait for hours with your family on the border, or just to pass the customs check before the others?

Of course, most of the readers will say that the second option is the better one and they are choosing it, but if they did all the necessary in order to use their NEXUS cards? Did they renew them in case they are expired, or the only thing they are doing is to think about the next trip to Canada or the U.S. without having an idea if the NEXUS cards are still valid?

See more here: https://goo.gl/zK8YdK

We would like to advise all the traveling parents to be careful regarding all the documents needed during their trip. For example, if your NEXUS cards (the family package) are already expired and suddenly you realize that you won’t be able to use them when tomorrow hit the road to the U.S. or Canada, just renew them!

Renew your NEXUS family package and forget about the lines. Pass the customs check always first and be a happy traveler. Make happy your family too by renewing their NEXUS cards and by giving them the perfect movement they need. If you think that you can travel pleasant without using the NEXUS cards, you are right. But if you think that you can travel between Canada and the U.S. perfect without the NEXUS program – you are wrong!!

Nobody is able to pass the customs check as soon as he arrives on the border.  He is able to do this even if he has a NEXUS card that is also valid and is not damaged. If the same traveler meets thes requirements, his fast movement between the countries is guaranteed!