Cheap end of tenancy cleaning

By | 06/12/2017

At some point, we have to move out and to start living in a new home. This event is related with many mixed emotions, as the best part of this period are the new opportunities in front of us – new home, new luck…

Have a “clean” beginning both in a literal and figurative sense by leaving your old lodgings tidy and clean and move in your new home without spending lots of time preparing the property for living. This is completely unnecessary and you can use the alternative called cheap end of tenancy cleaning so that to forget about this otherwise important aspect!


What must we clean in case we do not want to be tenants of the house where we live anymore? Just to clean with the vacuum cleaner and to dust? – And what about the cleaning of the carpets, mattresses and upholstery… Can we leave them dirty and stained since they are not ours?

Оf course NOT! If you just have used the furniture without being their owners, it is your duty to clean them up very well for the new tenants and for the landlord as well. If you want to get back your deposit in its full size and stay with your landlord with good feelings, it is correct to release the accommodation in the best possible way!

What is expected of you when leaving your lodgings?

Have in mind, that most people who are renting their properties will require you to keep well the temporary home provided and to take care about it as though it is yours… This includes: cleaning of the floor, removal of the dust, polishing the surfaces, cleaning of the bathroom and the wet premises as well, carpet and upholstery washing, windows cleaning and so on. It seems that the home work never ends and we have no other option but to deal with it daily… Note that when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, we must clean double more, but whether we have that time, is actually the most important questions we need answer to!

Our advice is … just hire a cleaning company and focus on your new home (or next place to live). Why you have to think how and when to clean when there are so many cleaning services available? You can make easier your job as former tenants and to leave the boring cleaning to someone else… You will need strength and energy to prepare for your new home, so where is the point to clean double more!

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