Complex services for your home? Check Van Girls Blog now

It is quite possible that at some point we need services related to removal of the things in our home – furniture, floorings, appliances and so. If we are about to move out and have to think about many of things like finding a new home, repair, selection and purchase of new furniture, activities related… Read More »

Why the carpet should be cleaned professionally

Maybe you are looking for some good alternative to help you make easier the home maintenance. And maybe you are right… So many people share that they hate to clean that it is pointless to tell you that the professional cleaning services are so famous nowadays. Reason for this is clean – easy and fast… Read More »

How to clean the bathroom?

There is no one who does not love its home… And who is not ready to do anything for it. Keeping this in mind, we would say that to clean our flat/house every week is a must and in the same time the smallest thing we could make in the name of our comfort. It… Read More »

Keen Clean London – see your windows clean again!

Not every of us have the possibility to deal all the time with home cleaning. We are just too busy to focus on the dirty windows or so, as well to worry about their bad condition. We have many other things to do like work, kids etc., as the cleanliness of our home left behind…… Read More »

Locked door? There is nothing to worry about!

Sometimes, we just have no choice. We are frustrated to do something that we do not want to deal with. Like to go to work every day, or to clean our home once a week, or even more often… But since we are obligated to perform the tasks of the list for the day, we… Read More »