Travel to US? Go for NEXUS.

By | 04/04/2017

Let’s say that you are dead set to spend your family vacation in Canada but do not know where exactly to go… You are impatience to visit this gorgeous land as soon as possible, but in the same time are little bit confused considering the numerous beautiful places that deserve your attention! Where to go first? – Probably that is the main question you are asking yourself at this moment, right?vittour-canada-usa

Actually, not only you but each one of us is wondering how to start its trip to Canada because the country is hiding so many amazing towns and places, that to choose just one of them, for all of us is simply impossible mission!

If you are ready to explore Canada in details, as well as to see more of this impressing land, then you surely have to organize a long round trip… And today we are going to help you do that!

First of all, you should know that the country of Canada is famous not only with the incredible Niagara Waterfall that no doubt is a real miracle of the nature, but with the amazing towns and the long list of tourist attractions too!

Today we would like to share with you our impressions about several of the most amazing sights in Canada. Stay here and see which they are!

Montreal – one of the largest cities in Canada (the second largest) and one of our favorite places in the country that we love from the heart! This cosmopolitan city is charming, beautiful and will strongly impress you with its amazing buildings and powerful atmosphere. Most of the people who live there are Frenchmen, but nevertheless they all speak English…

If you love the culture, have in mind that being in Montreal, you will have the chance to enjoy an incredible mixture of English and French history, so do not forget your camera and take photos of all incredible sights you will see!

Toronto – the biggest city in Canada that is located on the northwestern shore of the amazing Ontario Lake and that is hiding unique sights and many lovely spots… The town attracts many holidaymakers as most of the sights that can be seen there are with modernistic character: the shopping center of Eaton, the lovely park of “Canadian miracles”, the Chinatown etc.

An interesting fact about Toronto is that the city is a home of people from many varied nationalities and you can see that by visiting some of the neighborhoods in the town: Indian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and so on…