What to do when we lose some important document like the NEXUS card?

By | 12/06/2017

NEXUS – your way of better traveling. The NEXUS card – the most precious document you can ever have! All that is specially created for YOU – the citizens of Canada and the U.S. who would like to cross often the borders of these two countries – magnificent countries!

Well, just like the most things, your NEXUS card can be stolen or lost… Yes, even if you do not want to imagine it, it is quite possible, especially if you have a bad luck or are careless! We advise you to be vigilant over your important items – at any time and everywhere…

When it comes to important documents like the NEXUS card, you must be even more careful than usual. If for some reason your card disappears or even someone steals it, how you will continue traveling as before – fast and without long waiting for a customs check? How you will get your destination (Canada or America) in time and before the other travelers when your NEXUS card is missing (stolen nexus card – click here for info)?

We have an answer – you won’t be able to do that and unfortunately, before to replace your NEXUS card, your amazing trip will be just a pipe dream! Sorry, but that’s the way things are…

However, you can do something! You can fix things by applying for new NEXUS card or in other words – to replace it. The new one will be issued with the previous date of validity, as your personal data will be carefully checked for changes, or discrepancies. If everything during the application is okay and there are not some problems, you will get your new NEXUS card very soon! – And will start again traveling as before…


Everybody can lose some important document. Everybody can have the bad luck to be robbed and together with all the money in the wallet, to lose its NEXUS card as well! Do not worry – this is not the worst thing you can experience… To be robbed or to realize that you have been so foolish to lose your documents is, yes, unpleasant but is fixable! Just apply for new NEXUS card and will resolve all your problems!

To replace your NEXUS card, you have to fill-in the application and to pay the fee. After that you must wait for a while until you get the final approval as well. Do not worry that the procedure will take too much time – very soon you will be able to travel as before!