Love your family? Give them the best and apply for NEXUS!

What do you think the family is? – The best thing in your life, or something that everybody has and it is not so special as most people say…? Well, if you think that the family is granted and that everybody has it, you are wrong! The family is the most important thing in the… Read More »

Applying for NEXUS – see how to do it!

Every day we are trying to make something useful for our dear readers – by giving them proven tips and guidelines when traveling, or just by sharing with them our personal experience and the impressions we have collected during our trips! One of the things we consider that is very important for every regular traveler… Read More »

Renewal of a NEXUS card – how about it?

Hello to all our readers and more especially to all the Canadians and Americans who love to travel often between their countries! Today we would like to tell you how to cross the borders and how to do your trip very pleasant! Of course, for every unforgettable journey, you should have two things – smile… Read More »

Hit the road with NEXUS and be a happy traveler!

Every traveling is different… Sometimes we feel a real pleasure while traveling, sometimes not due to varied reasons. One of them may be the long and boring waiting on the border, or the wasted time before our flight… And all that can make out trip somewhat unpleasant and not as fulfilling as we actually expected… Read More »

Travel to US? Go for NEXUS.

Let’s say that you are dead set to spend your family vacation in Canada but do not know where exactly to go… You are impatience to visit this gorgeous land as soon as possible, but in the same time are little bit confused considering the numerous beautiful places that deserve your attention! Where to go… Read More »

Travel Tour to Canada

To travel to Canada can be a real challenge… And to be on a holiday in one of the largest countries in the whole world can be a real adventure for every of us. This incredible land is so wonderful and impressive that hardy there is a holidaymaker or keen on journeys who doesn’t want… Read More »

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