Renew your NEXUS cards and keep traveling pleasant with your family!

By | 27/05/2017

Summer season is associated with lots of trips. Family trips. And each of us must decide how he will travel with its beloved ones and how he will organize the next vacation in order to be pleasant and fulfilling. Especially when it comes to crossing the border…

All Canadians and Americans are lucky, because they have the amazing chance to cross the borders very quickly and easy – by using NEXUS cards! The citizens of these two countries are able to travel many times a year due to possibility for faster crossing the borders that the NEXUS program provides. Of course you can travel without NEXUS card too, but your movement won’t be the same as if you are using this amazing card…

For all the families with children, the NEXUS cards are incredible opportunity. All traveling parents know what could be every waiting on the border with small kids who do not have any patience and who are screaming and crying all the time! And you can’t do anything… You can only hope your turn comes faster and to pass the customs check as soon as possible!

Do not be fooled and do not rely on the probability. Every border’s crossing is boring and you can’t avoid the crowds and the long lines. Unless you become members of the NEXUS program! In case you already ARE members, but your cards are expired, you have to be up-to-date about the NEXUS family renewal.

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This is just as important as the initial application and you have to know what to do when your cards are not valid. If you miss this moment, you won’t be able to travel fast and comfortable, while your family will be very disappointed! They will have to wait again for hours on the border and you won’t be able to do anything to help them!

Save all this and apply for NEXUS family renewal right after you notice that the expired date of your cards is approaching… Apply for renewal, get your new cards and keep traveling as before. Do not miss the chance to enjoy your perfect traveling and continue to be members of the NEXUS program!

Every pleasure and extras has a price. Fortunately, the price for being a NEXUS member is very acceptable and everybody can afford it. You too. Be one of the happy Canadian or American travelers and travel even more – that will make you really happy!