Dream of perfect family traveling? Apply for NEXUS today!

By | 01/05/2017

Family is the most important thing for every of us… It is the meaning of our life and without it, nothing will be the same! In this sense, to make our family happy is a priority number one for most of people. We can do that in many ways, as well as to show our love with the most different gestures. One of them is take our beloved ones to exciting trip that they’ll never forget!

But today, we are not going to write about holidays and destinations, but about the ways of traveling and more especially how you can make easier the borders crossing when traveling abroad! Sounds interesting, isn’t? Probably, most articles you have read about family trips are dedicated to family-friendly resorts and so on… But today, you are going to learn something new and something that will be of great interest to you – the using of NEXUS cards!

NEXUS family apply

Yes, that is right, today you will see that every family trip can be much more pleasant that you thought it might be and that every crossing the borders between the U.S. and Canada can be even quick-firing! Do not believe us? – Stay here and forget about all your doubts!

NEXUS card is our favorite document… It is like a “magic wand” – just show it and all the lines disappear on the second! We are sure that your kids will be more than surprised what their parents have. Still, the magic is only on the movies, right?

Well, apply for NEXUS cards for the whole family and turn your dream for a perfect travel into reality… Be a holder of this amazing card and give your precious time to your family, instead to wait on the lines when crossing the borders. If do not how to apply for NEXUS but really want to do it, just follow the next steps bellow:

  • Download the family application and fill in it.
  • Send the same family application by e-mail.
  • Transfer the amount necessary about the service fee.

See, it is so simple and easy… Only by 3 steps you can apply successful for the whole family, so do not hesitate anymore and do it even today! Send your application as soon as possible and become one of the approved members of NEXUS! Next time when you travel, probably you will be even able to use your cards… If no, be patience because all the waiting worth it!